Graham Howard


Cornwall landscaping, leak detection, groundworks, sandblasting



Graham Howard brings an enthusiasm to any job he takes on and possesses a rare combination of technical expertise coupled with artistic creativity.
He has helped bring our garden plans to fruition and in the process, become a trusted workmate, associate and friend.

Ralph McTell

We are delighted with the work that Graham Howard has done for us. He has constructed a beautiful courtyard, paved area and retaining wall which has transformed the approach to our house. All this has been accomplished under difficult conditions with painstaking workmanship, unfailing cheerfulness and a can-do attitude to every aspect of the job.
We also appreciate the many design suggestions that he has made and the variety of technical skills that he has at his disposal. Our only regret is not finding him sooner!

Drs Pam and Robin Russell


Cornwall landscaping, leak detection, groundworks, sandblasting

     Blast cleaning a Cornish Engine House

Recently a leak in our main water pipe meant a new pipe required to be installed. I contacted Howard and he responded very quickly,assessed the job and gave a very reasonable quote.He started work immediately,arriving promptly at the time agreed.He has great experience at this work and has the equipment required to carry it out.
The job involved laying a new pipe from the boundary of our property to the mains supply along a narrow access lane which is shared by two other neighbours so it was essential to allow access at all times.The job was further complicated by the pipe having to cross cross Gas and sewer pipes at different points.Graham overcame these problems using his skill and experience. He completed the job within his estimated time leaving the site neat,tidy and to high standard of finish. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone requiring similar assistance.

Ken Wellicome


I’m never sure what to think when I read testimonials on a website – have they been written by a best friend, a favourite uncle or maybe simply made up ?

Well, this is none of the above.

We used Graham in November 2015 to lay a new incoming water main after South West Water discovered we had a leak and, being on our property, it was down to us to get it fixed “within three weeks”.

Graham is an approved Water Board contractor, and that’s how we found him. We had three contractors quote for the work and, to be fair, we were pretty impressed with all of them.

We chose Graham because he responded very quickly, impressed us with his knowledge and approach to the job, which was reasonably and fairly priced.

And we just “took to him”.

He laid the underground pipe for about 40 meters across our garden using a compressor driven mole, under the lawn, flower beds, a stone wall and a slate terrace and into the house.

The job was carried out in filthy weather and, despite that, a couple of days later you could hardly see any sign of his work in the lawn or terrace. Tim, our gardener, was delighted – and that is high praise indeed !

We would highly recommend Graham Howard – and, if you still think this might be a spoof testimonial, we would be quite happy for him to put you in touch with us direct.

Peter & Caroline Hay
Treviskey, Portloe


When I discovered a suspected leak to our water pipe I was given Grahams number by our neighbours. I called him and he was over that afternoon to have a look. He returned the next morning, a Saturday and began excavating. I should add at this point that our water meter is about 300 meters from the house beneath large lawns, paddocks and someone else’s woodland!

On discovering the leak it turned out to be my neighbour’s which Graham repaired, but our leak was still to be discovered. Due to the age of the pipe Graham advised it would be better in the long run to replace the whole run which we agreed upon.

Graham shortly after began the task and due to the length and terrain spent nearly 4 weeks with us. He liaised with the relevant authorities, neighbours and all concerned on our behalf which saved a headache.

During the period Graham worked for us, he worked through weekends’ and a Bank Holiday to get the job done as quickly as possible, it was quite a task. To prevent any unsightly damage to our lawns, paddocks and the woodland he moled beneath the surface, and now the job is complete you would not know he has been, quite a testament considering what was involved!

We would also like to add that as well as being a hard worker, Graham is quite a character, I feel he came as a contractor but left as a friend. I enjoyed out chats over a cup of tea. When we found out that he also does Patio and groundwork we have had no hesitation in engaging him to work on those projects too. We know we will get a good job done for a fair price by a skilled contractor which in this day and age, and our past experiences is a rare thing.

Kevin May


Graham has been brilliant in laying our new 650 metre long water pipe. He is utterly professional, personable and meticulous, and always cheerful and optimistic. It’s not often we can heap such fulsome praise on a person who fulfils all he has promised. We would thoroughly recommend Graham. Linda Egan.




Graham has done various jobs at the Coach House, Truthan. He has raised a large area of lawn shored up with a beautifully curved stone wall and granite steps. He carried out all stages of work, including design work, and the end result is great. He also laid a large area of York paving. It is so well done that everyone thinks it has been there for years as it blends in so well with the old house. Good company to have around and a lovely pair of dogs too.

Sophie Pearse

I am delighted to the difference it has made to my life being able to park my car outside and have no regrets at all. Several people have remarked on how attractive the area looks and I have been asked for Graham’s details. A Parish Councilor has suggested holding it up as an example of good practice and how other villagers may enhance their properties.
Graham has a real eye for design and an ability to choose materials that compliment their surroundings making the finished work look as if it had been there forever. Graham is also patient enough with a woman’s ability to stretch the job by finding extras when she has a man around for a short while. Thank you.

Oriel Bennett

When our Cliffside located property in Cornwall needed a new water supply pipe a national contractor declined to even quote for the work. Graham Howard enthusiastically took on the challenging job to our complete satisfaction. A good job done at a realistic price.

Colin Kirby


When we got a leak in our water supply pipe in August 2018 we contacted Graham as he was on Southwest Water´s list of approved contractors. He came to visit next day and we got a quote. Graham took care of everything including contacts with Southwest Water, authorities and neighbours.

As this is a second home and we live in Sweden the job was done when we were away and Graham kept us updated by sending pictures of the progress. When we came back we could not even see that he had been there. The job was done by digging small pits and using a mole and the whole process from first contact until the job was done took about 10 days although the length of the pipe was about 80 meters.

We highly recommend him as a contractor and we are very happy with the job done and we should say that he is the best contractor we have used ever.

Hans Lundgren

Graham has done a first class job for us and I would thoroughly recommend him to all.

He has just completed the installation of 150m of new waterpipe for us going from the main road through 2 neighbours gardens and our own, and you wouldn’t know he had even been there.

More than that , Graham has Project Managed the whole operation taking on board all the foibles of potentially prickly neighbours plus all the necessary arrangements for the connection on to the SW Water main.

Graham truly is a quality craftsman who takes great pride in his work, with customer care at the forefront of his mind.

A real delight, all I had to do was define the task and pay the bill, with Graham doing everything else. Perfect

Simon Buck

Graham has completely transformed our garden from a neglected and run down state and provided us with a superb new patio, raised garden, paths and steps which have been much admired by our neighbours.

He has also installed comprehensive drainage systems and soakaway that now do an excellent job of keeping our feet dry and removing the need to wade to our front door on rainy days - our postman is very impressed.

All this has been carried out with great cheerfulness, determination to solve problems and attention to detail, complemented with an artistic eye and care for how the completed work will look.

Graham is a hard worker and follows every project through to its conclusion with a positive attitude, I can unreservedly recommend his services if you want a job done properly at a fair price.

Martin Stewart

I purchased a house with a back garden which amounted to a small hay-field bordered by broken concrete footings and breeze blocks. On recommendation I rang Graham seeking some good hard landscaping as solid structural foundation in which to plant up my garden. Graham has a rare combination of an artistic eye plus the exacting skills of an engineer. He has vision which he executes with precision and enthusiasm.

The old crumbling walls and surfaces were dismantled and removed from the site then with considered consultation he mapped out plans for the renovation. Extremely experienced in building natural stone walls which follow the contours of the site and ascertaining levels for perfect water run-off, Graham is a wealth advice and creative ideas. He is adaptable and willing to discuss concerns and develop ideas as the work advances.

The project was completed professionally with a meticulous eye for detail and in good time with all debris removed from the garden. Seven years later the patios are both wearing well, the wall has blended in with overplanting of lavender, catmint, periwinkle and ivy.

Put the kettle on, get out the biscuits and give Graham a ring….

L Hudson


I had a call from South West Water to tell me my meter reading says i had a serious leak. They were very helpful in sending me a list of contractors to do this work, on contacting three of these i had a positive response from Mr Graham Howard. The problem was in pipes two and a half feet deep supplying water troughs in my fields, luckily i could isolate this from the rest of the farm.

Mr Howard was here within the week and with his expert knowledge of the job in hand and after much isolating off and probing found and repaired the leak, i found it intriguing the way the leak was found but to an expert this is an every day job. He also left me a  mapped record of the line and identified the junctions he worked on.

A very thorough and tidy result and a great relief to me.

Rex Sadler. Norways Farm.